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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

We're BUDDIES forever..

~from marang , Terengganu .love beach and most of my leisure time is spend at beach.Sometimes I release my tension with playing music instrument which is MELODIAN and CLARINET...
I feel more enjoyable with playing music..Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Lela Segara was my previous school which is premier school.I have 3 siblings and I am the only girl . 


I'm JOHORIAN..Originated from MUAR..I have 3 siblings and I'm the oldest one..
My friends usually call me Laura and my families call me 'Shera' or sometimes they call me 'kakak'..i study at SMK DATO SRI AMAR DIRAJA.Muar during secondary school...I get 3A's in UPSR..4A's during PMR and 6A's in SPM...I joined Malay debate during form 5 and won at 3rd place..
erkkkk...It's quite funny to tell about that here..but I have to..because I don't have any points to elaborate about myself or maybe I do not understand,who is 'LAURASHERA' perfectly..

You can't if you think you CAN'T,
you CAN if you BELIEVE..

#I love Johor Matriculation College


Come from SEGAMAT,JOHOR..Like to listening the music and reading novel during the my free time..My previous school was SMK DATO' BENTARA DALAM SEGAMAT..I came from small family.I have 3 siblings which is I have 2 brothers and I am the only girl in my siblings..

If you FAIL to PLAN,
You PLAN to FAIL !


I am from Parit Buntar, Perak. Born on 24th November 1995 in Butterworth. 18 years old this year. I have 2 elder sisters and I'm the youngest in the family. My ambition is to become a Petroleum Engineer. I studied in SJK(c) Sin Hwa and SMK Methodist for my primary school and my secondary school is SMK Pekan Baru.

As for my academic achievements I got 5A's for UPSR, 7A's for PMR and 9A's for my SPM. I'm also very active in co-curriculum activities. I play basketball, cricket, hockey and i'm also an athelete. I played cricket at state level in Kuala Kangsar. I was the Head Prefect's Assistant in my school. I was the Chairman of the English Society and of the Hockey Club. I joined the English debate during my Form 4 and Form 5.

I was awarded the 'Best Debater' title during my finals in 2011. Eventhough i was a prefect but i was a little bit naughty. I played truant a few times because i didn't like the subject. :D I love to make friends and I'm very friendly among my friends. Now I'm studying here in Johore Matriculation College and i love my practicum mates especially MIDA !!

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